What is https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google | How to Fix The Error in 2023?

Have you ever encountered a mysterious message on Google that says https www google com gws_rd ssl? If you have, then you’re not alone. This error has been perplexing users since it first appeared in 2019. If you’re wondering what gws_rd=ssl means and how to fix it in 2023, then you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this error, including its implications and what to do if your website or online presence has been affected. Continue reading to find out more about gws_rd=ssl. What is https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google | How to Fix The Error in 2023?

https www google com gws_rd ssl fix error on google

In this article will read What is https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google How to Fix The Error in 2023?

What is https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google?

If you encounter the error “https www google com gws_rd ssl” while using Google, this indicates that your web browser is attempting to access an insecure server (HTTP) with improper configuration. Several factors, such as misconfigured settings, may cause this error.

  • The SSL certificate of the server is invalid.
  • The server is not using the correct SSL protocol
  • The server’s configuration is not set up correctly.

If you encounter this issue, it’s essential to address it promptly. The root cause of the problem could be resolved by performing a basic browser update or adjusting server settings.

Why Does URL Gets Converted to ‘…https www google com gws_rd ssl extension?’

Upon entering a URL into your browser, connecting to the intended website usually involves several stages. One of the stages is referred to as a DNS (Domain Name System) lookup, which involves the conversion of the user-friendly URL to an IP address that computers can comprehend.

On occasions when you enter a URL on your browser, the DNS inquiry may produce an IP address linked to Google’s servers. In such cases, the browser will append the “https www google com gws_rd ssl” extension to the URL automatically.

The extension called “https www google com gws_rd ssl” instructs your browser to establish a SSL connection with the website. SSL, meaning Secure Sockets Layer, is a communication protocol that safeguards the exchange of data between your browser and the server by encrypting it.

The majority of the time, the extension “https www google com gws_rd ssl” will not pose any issues, allowing you to access your desired website successfully. Nonetheless, its presence can sometimes result in errors.

If you encounter an error message while attempting to access a website and notice the “gws_rd=ssl” extension in the URL, try deleting it and then make another attempt to connect. In most scenarios, this will resolve the issue and enable you to access the website successfully.

How Can You Remove https www google com gws_rd ssl On Google?

If you encounter the https www google com gws_rd ssl error in your Google search results, don’t fret – it can be resolved! The initial step is to identify the source of the error. Using Chrome? Launch the Developer Tools console by pressing F12. Then, click the Network tab and ensure the Preserve log option is enabled. Proceed with a Google search and ascertain if any URLs in the results contain https www google com gws_rd ssl. If so, this is where the error originates from.

Once you have identified the source of the error, several techniques exist to solve it. One method is to eliminate “gws_rd=ssl” from the URL. To accomplish this, edit your .htaccess file and insert the subsequent line:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^gws_rd=ssl$ [NC] RewriteRule .* – [F]

By instructing your server to redirect any URL containing https www google com gws_rd ssl to a 404 page, you can prevent Google from indexing those pages.

The alternate choice entails directing the pages to a different URL. This approach proves convenient if you wish to maintain the viability of the pages while preventing their visibility in Google searches. You can implement this method by appending these lines to your .htaccess file.

What is the meaning of an SSL Certificate?

A digital certificate, SSL, is employed for website authentication and for establishing secure encrypted connections. The purpose of SSL certificates is to protect the interactions between a website and its users. In the event that a website lacking an SSL certificate is accessed, a warning will be shown by the web browser.

What Is The Difference Between SSL And HTTPS?

HTTPS and SSL have several notable distinctions. HTTPS is considered more advanced and secure, whereas SSL is considered less secure and outdated. One of the main differences is that TLS (Transport Layer Security) is used by HTTPS instead of SSL. TLS is more effective in preventing data breaches and man-in-the-middle attacks than SSL. Furthermore, stronger encryption algorithms are employed by HTTPS in contrast to SSL. Finally, HTTPS certificates must undergo a more rigorous verification process than SSL certificates. Consequently, HTTPS is the preferred protocol for securing web traffic.

Some FAQs

1. What is https www google com gws_rd ssl on Google?

The Google search engine employs a parameter called https www google com gws_rd ssl to assess the order of results displayed. This parameter is an acronym for “Google Web Server with SSL.”

2. How can I fix the https www google com gws_rd ssl error in my account?

When you come across the gws_rd=ssl error in your account, it signifies that our systems have identified the use of a security protocol that is not supported by us. In order to resolve the issue, kindly upgrade your account to a security protocol that is supported by us.

3. What are the supported security protocols?

Currently, the endorsed security protocols include TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2.


To summarize, gws_rd=ssl is a setting used by Google to enable SSL encryption for the links you click on. This helps safeguard your personal information and ensures secure browsing when using Google services. If you are experiencing difficulties accessing specific websites due to this error, a few easy solutions are available to resolve the problem quickly. We trust that this article has provided useful information and guidance regarding gws_rd=ssl and how to address any related issues.

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