Rajkotupdates.news : Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy: Risk Contained in Amritsar Airport

Greetings, esteemed readers! According to the latest report by “Rajkotupdates.news: Covid Explosion on Flight from Italy,” India has been impacted by COVID-19 due to a potential threat that originated from Italy. The article regarding the COVID-19 situation in Italy, inferred from the report, focuses on its containment in Amritsar and the health ministry’s response.

The First Incident | rajkotupdates.news : covid explosion on flight from Italy

By searching for “rajkotupdates. news: covid explosion on a flight from Italy”, you can discover that many passengers on two flights from Italy to Amritsar airport tested positive for COVID-19.

A total of 256 individuals who had traveled on a Milan-Amritsar chartered flight, with 125 being international travelers, tested positive for COVID-19 at the Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport. This marked the first instance during the pandemic where many COVID-19 cases were detected simultaneously.

The health authorities encountered significant opposition from the passengers who demanded to be sent to isolation facilities. In addition, the passengers expressed doubt about the accuracy of the reports. The flight, operated by SARC Aviation, carried 179 passengers and made a refueling stop in Tbilisi during its Verona-Rome-Tibilisi-Amritsar journey. Of the 160 passengers who were tested for COVID, 125 tested positive. It should be noted that 19 infants and children were not tested.

The website rajkotupdates.news shared news about a surge of COVID-19 cases on a flight from Italy. The same source also reported that 173 passengers on a charter flight from Rome to Amritsar tested positive for the virus in another incident. Despite objections from the infected passengers, they were transferred to isolation centers in their respective districts.
The Second Incident | rajkotupdates.news: covid explosion on a flight from Italy

As per the reports, 173 individuals out of 210 passengers on the flight were found positive for COVID-19. The flight had a total capacity of 285 passengers. Infected passengers diagnosed with the virus have been put under institutional quarantine in their hometowns. The remaining passengers, mostly minors and infants, were not screened for the virus. The Union Health Ministry has taken necessary measures to tackle this issue.

The involvement of the Union Health Ministry was due to the fact that this was the highest number of COVID cases recorded since the outbreak.

As per the regulations stated by the health ministry of the union, travelers arriving from nations considered “high-risk” are obligated to undergo compulsory covid 19 examinations upon their arrival at the airport.

The Union Health Ministry has classified all European nations, Italy included, as “in danger.”

The regional authorities have recommended an immediate halt on flights originating from countries with a high risk of COVID-19. Following this event, both the authorities and government have worked diligently to enhance their efforts to curb the pandemic, particularly with regard to international travel.


We have been informed that two successive charter flights from Italy to Amritsar, landing at Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport, carried many COVID-19-positive passengers. 298 infected individuals were identified across both flights, which took place on consecutive days. The local authorities consequently called for an immediate halt to flights from high-risk countries. The Union Health Ministry has implemented regulations stipulating that passengers from countries deemed “at risk” must undergo compulsory COVID-19 screenings upon arrival. All European countries, including Italy, fall under this category per the Union Health Ministry’s guidelines.

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