Try These Simple Face Exercises to Look Three Years Younger

As you age, changes in your facial appearance are inevitable, regardless of your overall health. The loss of subcutaneous fat in your face, particularly along the jawline, can create a more angular, hollowed-out look. Additionally, as you approach 40, your face may begin to droop due to a decline in collagen production, the protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. Another common effect of aging is the fat transfer from the area around your eyes to the lower eyelids, resulting in under-eye bags. Despite these changes, there is some positive news to be found. This article will read how to try these simple face exercises to look three years younger.

Face yoga for beginners

If you’re new to face yoga, you may be curious about how long it takes to see results. While it does require some time, only a few minutes a day are needed to start seeing improvements. Personally, I noticed positive changes in my skin after about two weeks of consistent practice. By the end of a few sessions, I could already see a visible increase in radiance and overall health.

It is recommended that you continue practicing facial yoga consistently in order to reap more benefits. According to face exercise specialists at, consistent practice for 6 to 9 months can result in noticeable anti-aging effects. However, as I have not yet reached that point, I cannot confirm these claims.

Face Yoga Exercises

Unlike some styles of yoga, such as Bikram or Ashtanga, there is no specific sequence to follow for face yoga. Instead, several exercises can be done to determine whether they provide benefits or relief.

According to a study, individuals performed 32 specific facial exercises for approximately one minute. These exercises focus on various areas, such as the upper and lower face, the region around the eyes, the jawline, the neck, and the mid-forehead. There are numerous exercises accessible to target these areas.

  • Cheek lifter
  • Eyebrow lifter
  • Happy cheeks sculpting
  • Scooping: jaw and neck firmer
  • Temple developer
  • Upper eyelid firmer

Benefits Of Facial Exercises

Research has shown that practicing face yoga and facial exercises can effectively make you look younger by improving the strength and toning of your facial muscles and enhancing the overall structural appearance of your face.

According to face yoga practitioners, performing facial exercises can aid in regulating facial muscles, promoting proper nostril breathing, toning the neck, diminishing the visibility of dark circles under the eyes, lifting sagging skin, achieving facial symmetry, and improving blood circulation for a radiant complexion.

How do you practice face yoga?

When performing face yoga, there are no set rules to follow. However, as with any exercise, consistency is important. While the research on the safety of face yoga is not definitive, it is generally considered a safe practice. This means that the potential benefits, which only require an investment of your time, may outweigh any potential costs.

Research has shown that regular face yoga can yield positive results, as evidenced by the frequently cited 2018 study. To start, it may be helpful, to begin with short daily sessions of facial exercises. Then, be mindful of any changes in your appearance or feelings. This can help you decide whether incorporating face yoga into your self-care and beauty routine suits you.

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