The 3 Loves in Your Lifetime

A famous saying suggests individuals will encounter three distinct types of love throughout their lives, each occurring during a different stage.

I have heard that saying before, but I never really gave it much thought.

I didn’t fully understand the depth of love until I experienced it firsthand.

You may have experienced falling in love multiple times, but typically three relationships leave the most significant impression. These are the ones that have had the most significant impact on shaping who you are today. The 3 Loves in Your Lifetime

Throughout your lifetime, three key loves shape who you are.

First Love

The youthful, tender love is overflowing with intense passion, reminiscent of what you see in movies, maybe your experience. This kind of love typically occurs at a younger age, often being your first “real” relationship that excites everyone.

Spending every minute together is the norm for you. However, being apart even for a single day feels unbearable, and you eagerly anticipate the moment you can reunite.

The relationship likely began as a friendship. You became deeply and quickly enamored, but you may not have fully understood these emotions as a young person. Instead, you’re reveling in the thrill of it all, feeling like you’re living in a fairy tale and convinced you’ve met your soulmate.

As time passes, things don’t feel right anymore. The intensity that once seemed romantic now feels exhausting and filled with anger. You recall the arguments, but the reasons behind them escape you. It’s like you’re playing a role instead of being your authentic self. As a result, you may end up ending things over something trivial only to reconcile the very next day.

At times, the arguments may reach a breaking point for one of you, leading to a heart-wrenching breakup that feels like the end of the world. Despite promising to remain friends, sometimes things don’t go as planned. It can be a painful experience, but remember that there is always hope for finding love in the future.

After a breakup, it can take months of listening to love songs, drinking to dull the pain, and finally spending time with friends to move on. But eventually, healing does come.

Second Love

Love can be complicated, sometimes with pain in various forms. However, it can also teach valuable lessons.

The experience that provides the most excellent self-awareness is often the most valuable.

You both likely met through a mutual friend or at a party. Taking things slow is essential, and you’ve noticed some red flags, but have chosen to overlook them because they appear to be a good person. After experiencing your first love, you’re ready for something more stable and healthy.

You may have found the love you want to share a home with, as it feels like the most dedicated and intense relationship you’ve ever had. Everything seems to be in place, and you feel like a mature adult.

Passion can sometimes overshadow our logical thinking, leading us to make decisions that we may regret. As time passes, we may realize that moving in with someone is not the best idea. It may feel like we are living alone, doing everything ourselves, and red flags that were once small may now be waving right in front of us. It’s important to acknowledge when we have settled for less than we deserve and have sacrificed our happiness.

Discovering betrayal and lies can be a devastating experience. It can leave you feeling undervalued, deceived, and like your time has been wasted on someone who didn’t appreciate you.

It’s time for you to take control and end this relationship because you have come to understand what you truly want, deserve, and need. It’s time to prioritize self-love and take a break from loving someone else.

Third Love

Sometimes love can surprise you when you least expect it. As you grow older, you become more confident and may even feel the need to guard your heart.

This love has the power to break down any walls. It persists in knocking on your door, no matter how long it takes for you to answer.
You feel a strong pull towards this individual, but it’s not just physical attraction. It’s deeper than that. You’re enamored by their confidence, their words, and their experiences. They have a stunning effect on your self-perception.

They appreciate your imperfections as they see the beauty in them. There’s no need for pretense or hiding behind a fa├žade, as you both accept each other as you are. There are no expectations with them, as you complement each other perfectly. You care for them more deeply than anyone before.

They praise you in ways you never imagined, and you reciprocate the same admiration toward them. This is the kind of love that defies all conventions and preconceived ideas about how love is supposed to be.

You can experience the kind of love that reawakens your ability to love and gives you the tools to show love in return. Through this love, you’ll learn compassion and gratitude for your life and the world around you.

You’ll spend the rest of your life with the person you love.
The initial and subsequent romantic relationships serve as opportunities for growth, despite any discomfort or suffering they may bring. Although they may have lasted an eternity, remember that they are preparing you for your third and final love.

The choices you make hold the power to shape your future. Whether you stick with your first love, swept up in a romantic comedy-worthy relationship, or opt for your second love for comfort, it is entirely up to you. Ultimately, the decisions you make will determine your destiny.

Alternatively, you can choose to have faith in a third love.

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