Who Is Liver King’s Wife, Liver Queen, Aka Barbara Johnson?

Liver King is a prominent personality on social media, as well as a successful businessman and bodybuilder. However, what sets him apart is his adherence to the nine tenets of ancestral living, which has garnered him widespread recognition and admiration. In this article will read Who Is Liver King’s Wife, Liver Queen, Aka Barbara Johnson?

Who Is Liver King’s Wife

Liver King, a bodybuilder, became famous on TikTok for his inclusion of raw liver in his dietary intake and his impressive weightlifting skills. Many recognize him due to these practices.

Nevertheless, Queen Liver ought to be the companion of every monarch, and a few of his advocates may be inquisitive regarding her true identity.

Who Is Liver Queen, The King’s Wife?

Liver King, also known as Barbara Johnson’s husband, is known to have his wife, who goes by the name of Liver Queen, in some of his TikTok and Instagram videos. She is often seen in the background.

Barbra not only works as a dentist but also observes the traditional beliefs of her partner’s ancestors.

Brian’s dietary choice of uncooked beef liver, protein shakes, egg yolk, and bone marrow is positively viewed by his spouse, who endearingly addresses him as “Bear.”

The Liver Queen, Does She Use Social Media?

Liver Queen, like her husband, is an Influencer.

As of October 2022, @theliverqueen had almost 75,000 followers on her Instagram account.

On that platform, she regularly releases lifestyle videos that showcase her family’s rigorous exercise and nutrition regimen.

Are There Any Kids Of The Liver King and Liver Queen?

The pair’s two children, known as The Savage Liver Boys, are often mentioned. It is believed that their first child, Stryker, was born in 2007, while their second child, Rad, was reportedly born in 2009.

Liver King’s decision to live in this manner at present is heavily influenced by the fact that when they were younger, his children frequently visited the hospital due to allergies and other illnesses.

Who Is Liver King’s Wife

During a talk with his followers, he declared, “The moment that truly opened our eyes was when one of my sons ceased to breathe.”

Thanks to our timely arrival, we were able to reach the hospital without any trouble. Both my wife and I were resolute in finding a solution, and we vowed never to take any chances in the future.

As any typical parent would, we exhausted all possible options. Our journey commenced with that. In our quest for answers, Johnson delved into Nourishing Traditions, a book authored by Sally Fallon. Its subtitle challenges commonly accepted nutritional beliefs and dietary guidelines.

The family has now made the incorporation of the nine customary principles, including consuming food, resting, physical activity, being radiant, socializing, exposure to cold, embracing sunlight, defending oneself, and forming strong relationships, a part of their lifestyle.

Does Queen Liver Eat The Same Thing As King Liver?

Liver Queen strictly adheres to her spouse’s dietary regimen, earning her the nickname “Queen of Liver.” Both she and her husband consume the same food as their offspring. You are now fully informed about Liver Queen, the wife of a muscle-builder and a business owner, who motivates him and takes pride in his ventures.

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