Genie Exum: Model who stabbed ex-boyfriend twice

Genie Exum can be described as a highly contentious individual. What’s impressive is her ability to navigate any circumstances skillfully. In this article, read about Genie Exum: A model who stabbed an ex-boyfriend twice.

It’s not often that fans encounter a young model with the capacity to harm another and yet appear self-satisfied. So, apart from his profession as a adult content producer, his controversial behavior has also helped him become more prominent in the public eye.

genie exum

If you’re curious about the circumstances surrounding Genie Exum’s stabbing of her boyfriend and her subsequent escape, the information you need to understand her actions is provided here.

Genie Exum biography

Genie Exum, a content creator, dancer, and Instagram personality, hails from the United States of America, specifically New York, and was born in 1998. This stunning model is widely recognized for her alluring appearance.

The youthful model completed her secondary education at Smiths Station High School in Smiths Station, Alabama, as a member of the 2017 graduating class. Four years later, in 2021, her legal representative disclosed that she had abandoned her college studies because of the pandemic.

Exum uses her social media following to encourage self-love and body positivity while confidently showcasing her attractive figure. She is so self-assured that she runs an Onlyfans account, producing adult-oriented content for her fans.

The personality of the model is recognized for being provocative. In September 2021, she shared a photo of her bare breasts while standing beside an NYPD vehicle. She asked if her followers could provide an accompanying caption along with the post. The post received more than 7,000 likes.

Her already divisive reputation was further amplified by an event in which she was taken into custody for allegedly stabbing her former partner in 2021. In the month of October of that year, Exum was charged with stabbing Babyboy Pajulas in the back and arm during a heated altercation.

As reported by the New York Post, the prosecution declared that during the assault, Exum’s partner was stabbed twice and was bleeding when he descended to the foyer, which prompted the doorman to contact the authorities around 6:45 pm on Monday. The victim was then transferred to Bellevue Hospital, where he was provided with stitches.

During the court proceedings, Grace Lunden, a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney, contended that Exum should be subjected to a bail amounting to $10,000 or a bond worth $50,000, citing the violent nature of the case.

Babyboy Pajulas

The model appeared unfazed despite being hit with a restraining order against Pajulas. Rather than feeling melancholic, Exum thoroughly enjoyed herself following her arrest.

The model smirked at the police officer while detained and shared a video online. She wrote in the caption that her phone was confiscated and she was in a difficult situation.

“Now I’ve been stopped and arrested, and I cannot leave as they’re keeping me in custody.”

The prosecution was brought to a close by Brooke Quincy Myers, the public defender’s prosecutor, after disclosing that the complainant did not wish to proceed.

Genie Exum career

In terms of career, Exum has pursued various opportunities within the entertainment industry. After completing high school, Exum ambitiously set out to establish herself in the field.

The social media influencer who gained fame on Instagram has collaborated with numerous prominent brands and artists. As a model and dancer, she has been featured as a sultry character in music videos for Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa.

Genie Exum’s net worth

Media outlets suggest that Exum’s fortune ranges from $2 million to 7.5 million. The source of her affluence is attributed to her profession as a fashion model.

Genie Exum Onlyfans

Exum’s Onlyfans account is filled with sultry pictures and videos of this damsel.

OnlyFans is a commonly used platform for individuals who create adult content. This content subscription platform enables creators to earn monetary compensation by charging a recurring monthly fee for exclusive content access to their subscribers.

@genieexumm is the verified username of Exum on the platform. Her Onlyfans bio states she is a “21-year-old free-spirited individual from Alabama with a bold personality and naughty thoughts.”

To access Exum’s Onlyfans account, customers must make a monthly payment of $10.

Genie Exum family

Exum has shared very little information about her family and background with the public.

Genie Exum age

Genie Exum was born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius on December 1, 1998. Currently, she is 24 but will turn 25 in the year 2023.

Genie Exum Instagram

Genie Exum is a confirmed model on Instagram. Under the handle @genie.exum on the social media platform, she currently boasts 318,000 followers as of the writing of this article.

On her Instagram account, she frequently posts sexually suggestive content and pictures of herself wearing revealing clothing. She consistently incorporates sexual innuendos in her posts and is adept at sexualizing even the most mundane topics.

For example, during Easter in 2023, the model greeted her Instagram followers with a photo of her alluring physique adorned with a bunny headband. Despite only wearing a thong, she also shared a picture with a plant as the backdrop.

Exum shares travel, fashion, and lifestyle posts on her Instagram account.

Whenever the model shares a travel post, she makes it a point to inform her followers about the diverse personalities and cultures of the places she visits.

Although the model shares numerous fashion and lifestyle posts on Instagram, most of her pictures and videos demonstrate her love for wearing bikinis. Exum’s follower count on the social media platform keeps increasing since she consistently engages with her fans.

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